I began working with Richard Williams at the Goodwood Cellars several years ago after retiring from the foreign office.

We specialised in making heavy, solid furniture from reclaimed pine over the years we have gained a reputation for producing good value tasteful furniture. During this time I found an interesting way of keeping myself interested between the commissions by making mirrors from the natural off-cuts of the hard soft woods used in the furniture making process.

The shapes and sizes of the mirrors have always been dictated by the wood itself. No mirror can be duplicated because of this reason the colour finish is only decided when the mirror is made. That is what is so exciting about making these mirrors, the fact that no two can be the same, and it is because of this that I started making them

I spend a lot of time choosing the wood for my mirrors the more bizarre the better. English Yew is possibly the most unusual wood given the great contrast of colours, followed closely by Burr Elm. English Elm however gives us the stability of a hard wood has such wonderful shapes, colours grain.

Finding unusual shapes within the wood is very difficult I spend many hours searching for the right wood for the job. Suffice to say I can make a mirror of any shape, from any wood but try to maintain the woods natural lines however, the resulting shape is dictated by the wood itself.

I hope that I am not the only person who has an interest in wood in its natural state, rather than the factory mass-produced items we see in the high street to day. To this end I invite you to browse through the following pages and look at some of the examples of my work.

Cellars 1617, The Quay, Exeter, EX2 4AP Telephone: 01392 498030

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